Earth Day + Entertainment On The Run

Outdoors Running

Today is Earth Day! I’m definitely my happiest self when I’m outside. Something about the fresh air, disconnection from all the distractions, and movement is the perfect combination for me and it always keeps me coming back for more.Insert: my love for running. I have really been loving all of the outdoors runs I’ve been […]

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The Weekly RUNdown: Week #1 RunArkansas Challenge + 5k PR

Arkansas Blogger, Hillcrest, Just Me Chelsea B

Good morning and happy Monday! The weeks are flying by right now! I can’t believe we’re already getting to the end of April. Where has the time gone? More importantly, where has the first quarter of 2020 gone, really? For today’s post, I’m so excited to be linking up with Deborah and Kim for the […]

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Things I’m Loving Lately: April 2020

Things I'm loving lately

Good Morning! Happy Saturday! This weekend we’re due for a really sunny Saturday and a super rainy Sunday. I feel like that’s a subtle similarity to the overall mood I’ve been in lately. One day it feels like everything is going to be okay and the next it’s like panic and worry city. Luckily, we’ve […]

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My Favorite Workouts While Social Distancing…

At-Home Workouts During Quarantine

Motivation sure has been hard to come by during this whole “quarantine” situation over the past few weeks. You too? I’m sure we’re most likely all in the same boat. Unless you’re a rare breed where motivation runs in your blood, lucky you! 😉 I’ve actually thoroughly appreciated seeing the posts floating around social media […]

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Little Fires Everywhere Book Review

Little Fires Everywhere

Well, this is a tiny bit overdue but life has been a teensy bit crazy lately, as you might know. 😉 I meant to get this review out weeks ago before the launch of the Hulu show, but obviously, life threw a curveball and I didn’t get this posted until…well today! But, what better time […]

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Life Lately + Run Challenge + Quarantine 2020

Central Arkansas Blogger

I’m certainly not the first to say it…These days are just downright strange. Scary, strange and surreal all at once. We’ve officially been quarantined for a month from COVID-19. 4 whole weeks at home with our trips to the outside world limited to the grocery store, outdoorsy adventures (at a safe distance!), and well…that’s it. […]

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Happy Wednesday! I’m probably not the only one that’s been extra motivated the past few weeks due to the build up of the Olympic Trials, but it’s been fun keeping up with everything swirling around about it lately. Sad news that Des didn’t make the team this year, but I have a feeling she’s got […]

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2020 Olympic Trials Weekend is HERE! + LR Marathon + Random Tangents

Little Rock Marathon Weekend 2020 Olympic Trials Weekend

Happy Friday! We’ve officially made it to Olympic Trials weekend and to say I’m excited would be a complete and total understatement. I have put all things off my calendar from 10:00AM to after lunch because I’ll be glued to the TV screen the entire time. The field is stacked for the women this time […]

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Trader Joe’s Staples I Can’t Stop Buying

I’ve officially jumped on the TJ’s (aka Trader Joe’s) bandwagon. How could I not though? I literally can’t stop going there and feel like I’m most likely not alone in this obsession. I feel like we need a fancy groupie name to call ourselves. Any ideas? Anyways…Our first ever TJ’s location officially opened in November […]

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Weekly Workout Recap #1 + Review

I’ve been all kinds of proud of us lately because so far in 2020, workouts have been our jam. Let me preface that statement with this: That’s not to say that working out is something I feel like doing every single day, because hear me when I say, I too, have those super un-motivated days […]

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